In a turbulent world, the focus group of Age Up at Bayview Retirement Community has helped give me resiliency and insight into Elderhood as not growing older so much, but growing wiser.

Having more time to understand what juncture I am in my life, that it’s not all over, we do have worth, and now, it is MY TIME to age gracefully and contribute what I have learned about the world and its peoples.

We can let our families and friends know that, through our travels, experiences, and relationships, that life will go on, hopefully, get better and the Earth will continue to care for us IF we care for Her.

Through all the stages of my life, first in youth then mid-life and now elderhood I have kept learning, studying and marveling that we have all lived this long and have come this far. As dismal as it has been at times we must look forward and help those that will allow help as well as receive similar help. There are those that are not open or able to have civil relationships and I move on and spread my energy where it is accepted. We cannot try to heal everyone and I leave that to the experts.

In closing and from reading and studying in the AgeUp group, my humble advice is to help those open to sharing good energy, always keep learning and take care of your Families, Friends, and the Earth.

MaryLee Mahar is an AgeUp board member and former Peace Corp volunteer. She is an avid reader and student of Environmental Studies. MaryLee’s AgeUp is… “Getting involved in my community.”