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Together We Rise

Not having heard much about The Women's March, I was not inclined to participate. However, I joined the march last year on the 21st and it was remarkably thrilling to see the huge number of people who turned out to express their resistance to the new president. After...

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My Time to Contribute

In a turbulent world, the focus group of Age Up at Bayview Retirement Community has helped give me resiliency and insight into Elderhood as not growing older so much, but growing wiser. Having more time to understand what juncture I am in my life, that it's not all...

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Marching for Justice

The Women’s March on Sat. Jan. 13, 2018 was filled with thousands of adults and children coming from all over. People collectively believing and working with community leaders of our 21st century to build healthy, equitable communities.  People coming together who...

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